Sabah Native Court of Appeal Law Report courtesy of Sabah Law Association

Sabah Law Association presented me with this law report containing judgements of Native Court of Appeal, a special Court that deals with Sabah natives’ customary issues. It was a gift for speaking at our Malaysian Bar and Sabah Law Association joint event. The cases revealed disputes regarding wrongful trespass by animals, destruction of bamboo trees, theft of animals, damages for embarrassing someone, right to harvest bird nests, inheritance of customary lands and also marriage issues. Many of these cases involved the payment of damages by way of sogit – usually a cow or other animals. Failure to pay sogit can put the wrongdoer in jail! Sabah Law Association painstakingly went through many old files to extract the judgments. Many of these cases were presided by local Judges such as Richard Malanjum, Ian Chin and Nurchaya Haji Arshad.